locked WSJT-X & Win4ICOM #FT8

Dave Sellars

WIN4ICOM v, 1.3.8
WSJT-X v. 2.5
Windows 10

All was working fine with FT8 when I closed my station.  The next morning I loaded Win4ICOM and it connected to my iCOM7300 as expected and was functioning correctly.  Next I loaded WSJT-X  and it started to decode.  However, the frequency window was RED and I got a "pop-up" window indicating a rig control error had occurred.

Interestingly, I can run WSJT-X by itself and it decodes and I can make contacts without a problem.

I took screen shots of all configuration tabs in both Win4ICOM and WSJT-X when they were working correctly. I compared each of the configuration tabs in both programs to the screen shots and found no changes. 

I'm at a loss of what to look for now. So any suggestions or guidance would be helpful and appreciated.

Dave - KB4JB

Jacques F1VEV

Hi Dave while no software guru, I run the same set up as you with  wsjtx is 2.5.2 and also JTAlert 2.50.8 I assume you check your OmniRig values are good in terms of com port as well as connected in Win4Icom settings /3rd party 
I do not load one software after the other, I let Win4Icom fire up wsjtx and JTAlert etc .  I start the Win4Icom suite and all other software opens up and decodes 
Cheers Jacques