locked WSJT-X failed to start-up after it had been running successfully with JT-Alert.

pete3240 <pete3240@...>

When WSJT-X v2.2,2 was installed, under Windows 7, it ran fine and with JT-Alert.  After hours and on many occasions the programs were manually closed.  The next time WSJT-X was started from desk top short cut an error message "The application fail to start because Qt platform plugin could be initialized. Reinstalling may fix this problem." The program was stopped and reinstalled. WSJT-X ran perfectly again and with JT-Alert. Each time I stop WSJTX the same thing occurs. When WSJT-X is running everything is normal, only when it is restarted.

I anyone has a suggestion, or esperience of solving this problem I would appreciate a reply.
Lewis, K4BOI 


As this is a WSJT-X issue it should be directed there.   As you have already done that I would suggest you take Bill's (G4WJS) advice since he's one of the developers:

Hi Lewis,

as an initial guess I would say your Ani-Virus software is doing something it shouldn't. Try adding an AV scanning exclusion (aka whitelisting) for the directory where you have installed WSJT-X.