locked Version 2.13.10 functions, mostly -

W Ramsey <km4jok@...>

I greatly appreciate Laurie’s hard work and effort making JTAlert a valuable tool to many of us. 


However, JTAlert versions 2.50.1, 2.50.0, 2.16.17 and 2.16.16 will not run on my two Windows 10 x64 computers – they just crash with error messages. 


I’ve requested help on this group, but the input I received has not resolved my issue.  No, the cause is NOT Windows Defender.  So I’ll no longer waste any more of my valuable time trying to make the latest version(s) functional.


I’m delighted to say that Version 2.13.10 functions fabulously on both my computers with one exception, there’s no data (blank) in the Band Activity Display, it just says “pending”.   I’m okay with this because I ONLY use JTAlert to post WSTJ-X QSOs to ACLog which v2.13.10 does magnificently.   If WSTJ-X would build an QSO interface to ACLog I wouldn’t need to use JTAlert at all.