locked Trying to get JT-Alert to work with HRD logger


Good evening Laurie,
I finally realized what you ment when you refered to the "Log Contact window (big Daaaaa on my part). However it already has a backslash at the end of it. (by the way for some reason I not showing your picture you sent .. Just a white square with a red X in the corner.

Any way to make a long story short .. In my searching thru the file system this nite I discovered that I have TWO copies of JT65-HF on my computer both version 141. I have removed both of them and will reload ONE tommorrow. Also will reload JT-Alert 150.

Seeya when thats done and tested. Thanks for your patience with me.

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Hi Ray,

Not getting a popup window, either a "log Success" or "Log Failure"
indicates that JT-Alert is not detecting the change in the JT65-HF log
which is most likely caused by a recently discovered bug in JT-Alert.
It is caused by a missing backslash from the path of the JT65-HF "Log
Contact" window (see attached image)

To fix...

1. manually type a backslash "&#92;" after the path. If you use the browse
button, the slash is missing, you must type it in yourself.
2. shutdown JT65-HF.
3. shutdown JT-Alert if running.
4. start JT65-HF
5. start JT-Alert

Logging will now work. The above steps only need to be done once.
This bug will be fixed in the next release.

Let me know if this works or not for you.

de Laurie, VK3AMA

On 18-October-2011 05:50, w7rjc wrote:
Hi de Laurie and Scott also

Thanks for the reply to my trouble with loginng records to HRD logger.

AS was suggested I checked out what method I was (am) using. It is the HRD V5 (access).

I have set the file path in JT-Alert to C:&#92;Users&#92;......HRD Logbook&#92;HRD My Logbook.mdb as scott said his was set.

I then wrote a file to it via HRD Logbook and it recorded it ok ..
atleast the "My logbook.mdb" file showed a change in the last time it was written to which matched the time i sent it.

I can also write a record to the JT65 log using the JT65 log button.

However I cannot get JT-Alert to write a record to HRD Log.

I have never gotten a Popup window.

Also the LotW upload in the HRD Logger screen is always Grayed out.
Is the normal?

When I installed HRD I did-not install it in the C: drive. I installed it in another drive. I has worked ok and still dose .. except for the problem.

Just remembered I have never been able to upload to LotW fro HRD .. I have ben using an upload utility by WD5AEA Which worked oK.

Let me know if yuo need more info. Thanks again for your Help.

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Hi Ray,

You should get a popup window after logging, advising either success or
failure. If you are not getting any popup, then it sounds like you don't
have the correct path set for the Log file, or DSN if using MSSQL or MySQL.

You are correct, JT-Alert writes an entry to the HRD Log File (MS Access
.mdb file) or the HRD ODBC Database connection (if using MSSQL or
MySQL). If you are unclear on which method you are using you will need
to read the "HRD Logbook.pdf" that gets installed in the HRDV5 program
directory. Someone must have set your log up initially, most likely
using the standard MS Access .mdb file.

You need to determine what sort of log type your using and then either
set the file path under the "HRD V5 (Access)" section of the JT-Alert
config or set the appropriate ODBC DSN under the "HRD V5 (ODBC DSN)"
section of the JT-Alert config.

The log file of "plot log mapper.adi" is not correct, the extension
should be .mdb, the name will be what ever was used when initially
setting up you HRD log.

I'm hoping someone with HRD experience jumps in here to offer you some
more HRD instruction.

Let us know how you go

de Laurie, VK3AMA

On 17-October-2011 14:10, w7rjc wrote:
Hi all,

I have tryed most of the afternoon to get JT-Alert to work with HRD logger .. to no avail. I don't even get any nasty grams.
I have done the &#92; thing in JT65 as suggested.
Perhaps I don't understand it's purpose .. I am expecting it to write a record to the HRD logger file. Is that what it is suppose to do?
If not then what can I expect it to do? (maybe its working and I don'd know it.

I'm running HRD Ver. 5 2893 ; win7 home premiun 64Bit ; JT65 v.1.0.7

I'm also not sure about the file NAME and LOCATION of the HRD log file.I have been using "plot log mapper.adi" ... Is that correct?

Thanks for any and all help. Ray W7RJC


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