locked Thanks & 2 Suggestions

Tony Farrow

Hello Laurie,

I just discovered your nice JT-Alert software. Thanks.  It seems to work fine on my humble netbook (with Win 7 32-bit, JT65-HF, HRD and HRD Logbook with Access DB).

Just a couple of suggestions for a future version :-

1.  It would be nice to have an option for having JT-Alert “always on top” (JT65-HF fills my netbook’s small screen, so it would be convenient to have the option of "permanently" overlaying it with JT-Alert).

2.  Would it be possible to have the contents of the “notes” field in JT65-HF's "Log QSO" transferred by JT-Alert to the HRD log along with the other fields transferred?

Thanks & Cheers,