locked Spam from KJ4GK

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

I dislike reopening old message threads. But I will make this the exception.

Despite your assurances that this was a one-off event, profuse apologies in direct emails, I see one year latter you have again performed mass spamming via the JTAlert Messaging component. Close to 1700 identical messages posted in 20 minutes that is in excess of one message per second.

Your IP is now permanently blocked on the Messaging Server.

de Laurie, VK3AMA

Thomas Mize KJ4GK

Hello LAURIE(This is the same message I just wrote you to your email until I figured out there was a message on here, and I added this...... I read your message from last time and my message and I feel like a total IDIOT! I remembered that the issue was that it was sending messages to people more then once and that was the problem, This program was only supose to send messages to people that was onlline also..I give up, I feel like idiot. Im just trying to good with our hobby and be creative and use what skills I have and the main reason why I feel so much like an idiot is because I see where I told you I woulddn't do that again as in messanging period but in my mind while i was doing this promotion I had it in my head, No repeat messages, send one message per call that is on the band currently that is online and Laurie will not be upset. OMG I hope to God I haven't lost my hamespots.net prevligies because of this!)
This is KJ4GK, name is Thomas Mize.
First off, You have been an insane inspiration to me towards sharpening my Programming Skills and using them for tools related to Ham Radio and Digital Modes.
I designed a very nice small script using Vb.NET to help promote FT4 Usage which has been absolutely phenomenal. I had a bad mishap with a script I paid a programer to make when I attempted to promote a contest a few years back and it was spamming and sending messages to people more then one and cause a BAD RUCAS!! 
For this huge FT4 Promotion To make sure that I "NEVER" sent a message to someone twice EVERY!(Which is very important, No wants to be bombarded with multiple messages) I implemented a Database so that no one would ever be messaged twice.
I had this idea from multiple people I have communicated with after working FT4 with them and so many people want to have more traffic.
Since I have been sending out Invites on 30m, 40, 6m, and some of the other bands when there is openings, I have compiled a list of 223 operators wanting to be notified via email or other means whenever our group or there is major band openings on FT4.
This has been a major success, I have had hundreds and hundred of operators thanking me for inviting them, I have took hours of time teaching ops on how to setup for FT4 that are beginners.
I got on today, just to work some FT8 and noticed that My Spots wasn't working period on the website. Then I noticed that I must have been blocked or something which didn't make much sense. I've been very careful with this and have been doing this for weeks bringing joy to people, promoting FT4. Your Platform makes it perfect for this but it looks as if I have been blocked for doing it maybe?
Hamspots.net is like another apendenge to me. I couldn't imagine working FT8/4 without hamspots.net. I love your service so much, so deep I don't know what the heck I would do with out it???
Mr. LAURIE, I haven't noticed not 1 reply back to me upset or angry at all. Every single reply I get is from people happy etc..  This is your platform and if you don't want me doing this at all I will never do it again. It ISN'T WORTH me not being able to use your service. My intent is to help the Ham Community any way I can with any skill I have just as you do.
Last but not least, I guess in my mind, since I've implemented a database so that not 1 person gets a Text Message twice, that is was purply harmless.  I know it has has an amazing impact and a lot of ops are now working FT4 because of my promotion but there again, this is your service and what you says goes.
I'm done promoting and using your Text Message service to promote FT4 or anything. As a man I'm begging you brother to allow me to use your service again. I haven't even worked FT8 or 4 today because of this i've been so bummed out about it.
Thank you in advance and I would love to any reply at all from you about this matter in advance, and I am sorry if I upset anyone for inviting them over to FT4 or bothering them in any way. That WAS NOT my intent. I am very sorry.
Thomas Mize KJ4GK
Happy DX! and again your an unspeakable blessing to our ham community with your software.

Thomas Mize KJ4GK

Also Laurie I am serious about every word I said, I'm fine with being blocked for ever on the messaging server, I don't don't want to loose my hamspots.net prevliges like I have done now. Your site is like my map to every thing digital that I do. :(

Carl - WC4H


May I suggest that you just post yourself on a cluster (once, not 100 times).
In the note/info box, post your tx freq & mode.

You can also put a message in the QRZ page of the callsign you are operating and give the op frequencies.

Word will get around.

Carl - WC4H