locked Reduce to taksbar

Larry Bryan

Hello Laurie,

Thanks I appreciate you making that an option. The new version is working well in my shack. I had to take another look at the release notes to understand your change in logging, but once I got that figured out I've been working 10 meters today with great success. Even turned on the speakers to hear the voice responses. Some really neat work you did on this one and I know we all appreciate the efforts.


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Hi Larry,

You are correct, JT-Alert did follow JT65-HF when it was minimised. That
code changed when I was reworking the docking code and also I had
received several requests for that not to happen. I will make that
available again and add a user-settable option.

de Laurie, VK3AMA

On 23-October-2011 05:59, larryinlima wrote:

I thought in previous versions that when I reduced JT65 to the task bar it took JT-Alert with it and when I brought JT-65 back up JT-Alert came back up with it. I have always had JTA docked and I drop JT65 to taskbar all the time, that's why I bring this up. I don't remember having to click on both taskbar icons to get both on screen.