locked Problem with new version 2.16.11 - DEFECT Confirmed

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

On 13/08/2020 11:56 am, Chris VK2BYI wrote:

Hi Laurie

I updated JTAlert to v2.16.11, and made no changes to the configuration settings whatsoever for WSJT-X and JTAlert.

I notice that the Resend WSJT-X UDP packets (received only) setting is still available, so I expected that it would work as before but found that not to be the case.

I have a mapping application that plots decodes being resent by JTAlert, but at present it doesn't support multicasting.  I have reverted JTAlert to v2.16.10 in the meantime and all is working once again.

Is it the intention that the Resend WSJT-X UDP packets (received only) feature will still work as long as a non-multicast group address is configured in WSJT-X?

73 Chris

Hi Chris,

Tnx for the report. This is a defect.''

I had accidentally left in-place some multicast testing code that bypasses the "Resend WSJT-X UDP packets" function. I am recompiling a new build as I type this. Look for a download link in your inbox in ~15minutes.

de Laurie VK3AMA

Charlie Hoffman

Can you make this "recompiled version" available to all users?

I also was using port 2334 and had to revert to version 2.16.9 to make it work correctly.