locked Mouse Pointer jumping to top left corner of Window when JTAlert is focus window


I use a small GPD brand Windows 10 PC for doing QRP work in the field.  To view the selected screens a little better I use the Magnifier feature in native Windows (Windows Key and Plus sign) to activate.

I have found a peculiar problem that occurs when the JTAlert App window is selected.  The mouse cursor will jump to top left of Windows monitor and then when trying to move it back to any other position it move a little and jumps right back to top left corner of monitor.

I have found a fix for this.  Go to the small app window that will appear when Magnifier mode is enabled, choose the Gear to go to the settings, scroll down to the "Have Magnifier follow:" section and check Mouse pointer, and uncheck the Keyboard focus, Text cursor and Narrator cursor.

This seems to do the trick.