locked LoTW glitch?



Yes, I was using the external one. That was working up until last night. Now I'm not able to use the HRD Utilities to upload to LoTW, and I'm not able to upload from within the Logbook. Working on this with VA7HZ in Gtalk, and he said the logfile points to a permissions thing with my Win7. I am not clear on all this but I did grant permissions to all the programs. I installed TrustedQSL right at c:\TrustedQSL. HRD is in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Amateur Radio\Ham Radio Deluxe directory. I think I need to learn about administrator privileges. Ron looked at the logfile from a failed upload and determined that's the issue. I'm completely lost at this time. Long live WinXP!


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I think that Scott's problem is that he is using the external HRD Utilities
rather than the HRD LoTW upload tool in HRD 5.


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Maybe it is too early in the morning for me (still on first coffee), but
I don't understand this statement... "it doesn't tell me there is a QSO
not marked to be uploaded".

Are you saying that the QSO should be flagged for upload to LoTW and it
isn't? If so, I will need to have a look again at HRD and see if there
are additional QSL fields I can set.

de Laurie, VK3AMA

On 17-October-2011 07:09, Scott wrote:
I successfully am able to post to my HRD logbook, no problem at all. But,
when I bring up my HRD Utilities program after it's been received in the
log, it doesn't tell me there is a QSO not marked to be uploaded.

Any workaround for this?



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