locked Logs to HRD but not LotW


Hi Dave,
I'll check all this out tommorw afternoon. Don't remember what exactly has been setup. Thanks for the info. Ray W7RJC

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Have you setup LoTW upload in the HRD Logbook? It doesn't work automatically.

The "Name" that is missing is likely the name of the location that is listed in TQSL…for example, I have one named "Home", one named "mobile" and one named "QRP". Each has its own certificate. HRD needs to know which certificate and/or location to use when uploading….you'll also need to enter your password if you use one when signing logs.



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Hi Laurie,
Ok on not being familiar with HRD. I dought if anyone is ... way to large a program. I just thought I'd use the HRD log since you were writing to it. I will poke at it some more then probably return to AClog .. simple and it works.
Any chance of JT-Alert writing to AClog in the future ? It writes to LotW and Eqsl. Thanks again for a great program you can be proud of it.

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Hi Ray,

You last email may have been lost. Yahoo has been loosing email over the
last couple of days.

No idea about the LoTW upload, not really a function of JT-Alert. I am
not a regular HRD user (except for testing). JT-Alert 1.5.1 does have an
option to mark HRDV5 QSOs with "LoTW upload Requested", but that is just
a simple flag. The "NAME NOT FOUND" may indicate that TQSL is expecting
a certain field within the logged QSO to have a value. Since HRD doesn't
provide an interface for writing of qsos to the log from 3rd party
applications, JT-Alert writes directly to the log and there may be a
need to populate an additional field (not qso related).

I will investigate, but that may take awhile, as my HRD test environment
is not setup for LoTW uploads.

In the interim if you, or anyone more familiar with HRD, discovers a
possible cause, please let me know via this group.

de Laurie, VK3AMA

On 23-October-2011 08:57, w7rjc wrote:
HI Laurie,

This is the 2nd attemp to get this message to you. (goofed up somewhere)

I am now able to log to the HRD logbook.
However HRD has 2 error messages when I try to sent it to LotW.

1- TQSL error

2- LotW error
Failed to sign TQSL

I expect the 2nd error is the result of the first error.

What "name not found" are they requesting?

I can import the Jt65 log into AClog and it uploads to LotW just fine.
Any thoughts about what I need to do.

Thanks for a great great program .. the rest of it seems to be working real well. Ray W7RJC