locked JTAlert Test Team vacancies, I'm recruiting.

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

I have some vacancies on the Test Team.

If you're computer literate, have been using JTAlert for a few years, and are prepared to participate in the Test Team discussions, and not just wanting to get early access to new releases, send me an email with some detail of you're Windows/JTAlert setup and experience.

Now that the new .NET based code has been publicly released I expect the momentum of new functionality and replacement of the old code-base to increase. More eyes & hands on the changes will help greatly.

My expectations are that Test Team members will use the new JTAlert builds in a live setting and provide feedback of what is not working or needs changes. Feature suggestions are also encouraged. I don't expect members to perform rigorous testing of all functionality of JTAlert every time there is a new build. I am reasonably comfortable with code changes that are made before I create a new build, but bugs creep in. Having more eyes and hands on the new product helps avoid those going public.

Salary for Team members is non-negotiable, everyone gets the same base amount, $0 ;-)

Send a direct email to vk3ama.ham.apps [at] gmail.com

I will likely not reply directly to most requests. If you receive a group join email, you made the cut.

de Laurie VK3AMA