locked JTAlert and RTTY Roundup Question/Suggestion

Patrick Hung

Participating the the RTTY RU of a few weeks ago, I appreciated the Callsign Window's denoting CQs from those participating in the contest with an "RU" by their callsigns; however, I don't believe that JTAlert was filtering out the worked (B4) stations... or was it? Do I have to rebuild the database constantly to make that happen? I've noticed that in some instances, under normal operating, a state is still colored as "needed" when I had just worked another station from that state... so I don't entirely trust the feature at the moment (likely a settings fault of mine).

Additionally, would it be possible for JTAlert to keep track of needed states/provinces, etc. (for added "multiples"), so that I can select them over others calling CQ, in the callsigns window? As JTAlert interfaces with WSJT-X, it should be able to track the states/provinces worked, once the Advanced Settings/RTTY RU box is ticked and saved, I'm guessing.

Thanks for comments and thoughts.

Patrick - W6AJR