locked JT Alert 1.5 - Works great



Thanks for the much anticipated release of the JT Alert. I only started using it about a week ago (don't know why I waited over a year),but the update is working great for me.

I have HRD for my logging, and I saw two choices, I wasn't sure which was which, so I chose HRD V5 Access. I tried to log a QSO and it didn't work, so I changed it to the V5 ODBC DSN, set the path to the logbook (I use Win7 so it's that long path to get to it). Once that was correctly set, I got the message that my QSO was sent to the HRD. Very nice. What is the difference between HRD V5 Access and V5 ODBC DSN?

Also, loving the fact I can change colors based on LOTW, eQSL, or both. It's so nice that a stateside QSO tells me what state they are in too. I'm on 10 meters and everything is DX, so I haven't verified yet if the JT Alert tells you if you've worked a station on that band before.

What does Show Log Fields do besides show you what the DXCC entity is?

I prefer to have the audio alerts turned off permanently, however when I start the program they come on. It's an easy fix right on the outside of the program to turn it off, however I don't see an internal setting to check inside the configuration.

Thought I'd send this to the group in case others might be stuck at which HRD logbook option to use.



Hi Laurie, very thanks for this good work! Now WAS hunting is very easy for a poor OM! :)
TU&73 de Cosimo IW5ELL