locked JT-Alert 1.5.2 available - Important Changes

Laurie, VK3AMA <groups03@...>

JT-Alert 1.5.2 is available for download from Ham-Apps.com
This version contains several bug-fixes and new features.

Important changes with this version: The callsign databases and sound files are no longer included in the JT-Alert setup. They are now distributed as separate setup files. Since these files were part of the JT-Alert 1.5.0 and 1.5.0 installs, they are automatically removed when either of those versions is uninstalled or upgraded, so you will have to download and install those files separately.

1.5.2 Install Instructions:
  1. First, uninstall any previous version of JT-Alert (this will also remove sound and callsign
      database files that were part of JT-Alert 1.5.0 & 1.5.1)
  2. Download JT-Alert_1.5.2_Setup.exe (1.6MB size)
  3. Download JT-Alert_Databases_11.10.29_Setup.exe (9MB size)
  4. Download JT-Alert_Sounds_1.0.0_Setup.exe (3MB size)
  5. Run JT-Alert_Sounds_1.0.0_Setup.exe to install sound and voice files
      (specify Male or Female voice files during setup)
  6. Run JT-Alert_Databases_11.10.29_Setup.exe to install callsign databases
      (US State, eQSL(AG) and LoTW).
  7. Run JT-Alert_1.5.2_Setup.exe to install JT-Alert.
      (All previous settings are saved and will not be lost)
  8. JT-Alert is now ready to run.
Changes in 1.5.2...
  •   New    - Sounds and databases now distributed as separate installer files.
  •   New    - Configuration Support section. Email Config & Session files.
  •   New    - DXCC alerts now available by band (160M to 6M) or any band.
  •   New    - Scan Log to populate Wanted DXCC settings.
  •             (Currently only, DXKeeper, HRD4/5 (Access) & HRD5 (MySQL & MSSQL)).
  •   New    - DXKeeper warning messages and logging disabled if DXKeeper
  •             Configuration log path doesn't match log path in JT-Alert.
  •   New    - ADIF warning messages and logging disabled if ADIF log path
  •             is the same as the JT65-HF log file path
  •   New    - Records Longitude & Latitude (based on Gridsquare) in HRDV5 log.
  •   New    - Configuration Updates section. Display installed and available
  •             versions of JT-ALert, Callsign Databases and Sound files.
  •   Change - Enhanced error checking, warning messages & session recording.
  •   BugFix - HRDLog producing garbage data for log fields not containing data.
  •   BugFix - When JT65-HF minimised to taskbar, JT-Alert not following (when docked).
  •   BugFix - Menus and Band activity pop-up don't display in multi-monitor
  •             setup when Secondary display is to the left or top of Primary.
  •   BugFix - Incorrect docking in multi-monitor setup when Secondary display
  •             is position to the left or top of Primary display.
  •   BugFix - Band Activity Display showing regardless of enabled setting.
  •   BugFix - When logging is disabled, B4 log being called in error.
  •   BugFix - ADIF Log Band field missing "m"
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de Laurie, VK3AMA