locked [jt65-hf] 1.0.8

Laurie, VK3AMA <groups03@...>

Just now posted on the JT65-HF Google group.

Note: This will NOT affect the release timetable or functionality of JT-Alert 1.5.0

de Laurie, VK3AMA

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Subject: [jt65-hf] 1.0.8
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2011 14:21:07 -0400
From: Joe Large
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To: JT65-HF

I have pulled 1.0.8.x from SourceForge and if any of you mirror it please remove it as soon as possible.

I'm will be tracing through code bit by bit to determine how so many things have gone wrong with what looked like (potentially) one of the better releases made.  I apologize for this and strongly encourage all to revert to 1.0.7.

It will likely take quite some time to understand where all these totally unexpected bugs came from -- either coding errors or something in the version of Lazarus/FPC now in use or both.

I will begin the analysis of 1.0.8 in a few days and report back as I gain an understanding of what went wrong and, when possible, give an indication of when a new version may become available.

I know not all users of the program follow this group so please pass this information along to any other appropriate resources.

If you wish to continue using 1.0.8.x that is, of course, your choice but it will not spot RB reports as I've disabled the server code it call for posting spots.  Also, if you do continue using 1.0.8 please review the message postings about its faults and be aware of those.

73 - W6CQZ