locked How to move JT65-HF log to HRD5?


Dave- thanks, keep learning something new. Clicking QRZ button in HRD Logbook, then using the "fill empty fields" button takes care of missing data.


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The names come for QRZ...you'll have to look those up. JT-Alert doesn't do


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Laurie- Thanks for quick reply and all the work you have done for us, it is
much appreciated.
- Yes I am using the MS Access log file.
- I did not have the "Enable HRD5" box at the top of config page checked.
- So now I get the auto import to my HRD logbook with all the necessary
fields filled in except the name of the person.
- I also did an import of older JT65-HF contacts and that worked fine , but
again, I did not get names.
- So it would appear that I have almost got it but am missing one last nit
in the setup or the process.

Tnx, Paul KC2NYU

Tnx Jim also for your reply


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