locked How to move JT65-HF log to HRD5?


OK I admit I must be a dummy, but I'll be darn if I can figure out how
to get my JT65-HF QSO's to my HRD 5 Logbook. I have 1.0.7 JT65HF
installed and 1.5.1 of JT-Alert. I searched the Group but nothing I
find has yet to sink in.
- Do I have to manually export the Log first, if so how is this done?
- I got the sense that in JT-Alert 1.5.1, some of this process was
made easier. What do I have to do to move the QSO's to HRD Logbook?
- Need to hook up with someone who has figured out this process and
can walk me though it.
- Running Win7, 64bit PC
Tnx and 73, Paul, KC2NYU