locked [Ham-Apps] Thanks & 2 Suggestions

Laurie, VK3AMA <groups03@...>

Hi Tony,

Glad HRD logging is working for you.

There is an option for JT-Alert to be on-top of all other windows. I just checked my code, and I had disabled it during some testing I was doing for the docking option. It will be available again in the next release.

JT-Alert does save all the additional data visible on the JT65-HF Log Contact window. The Notes are getting stored in the Notes field of the HRD log. I just checked and can confirm the data is there. Interesting, in HRD, when modifying a QSO, which provides a multi-tab interface to all the data fields of the QSO, the Notes field is not shown. However, if you change the layout of the QSOs Grid display adding the Notes field, the Notes data is visible. HRD also has a Comment field which is always visible when in the Modify QSO view (just above the tabs).

Unless I get any objections, I will be changing the saving of the JT65-HF Notes data to the HRD Comments field in the next release.

de Laurie, VK3AMA

On 18-October-2011 15:58, Tony Farrow wrote:
Hello Laurie,

I just discovered your nice JT-Alert software. Thanks.  It seems to work fine on my humble netbook (with Win 7 32-bit, JT65-HF, HRD and HRD Logbook with Access DB).

Just a couple of suggestions for a future version :-

1.  It would be nice to have an option for having JT-Alert “always on top” (JT65-HF fills my netbook’s small screen, so it would be convenient to have the option of "permanently" overlaying it with JT-Alert).

2.  Would it be possible to have the contents of the “notes” field in JT65-HF's "Log QSO" transferred by JT-Alert to the HRD log along with the other fields transferred?

Thanks & Cheers,