locked [Ham-Apps] Re: Will Alerts work with DX4WIN?

Laurie, VK3AMA <groups03@...>

Hi Carter,

Today I will be releasing JT-Alert 1.5.0. This release comes bundled with a US Callsigns State database which will allow you to be alerted to need States. While your preferred logger is not supported there is an ADIF log option, that will record additional QSO data (Name, QTH, Grid, DXCC, State, ITU zone, CQ zone and QSL request) that can be used for B4 checking, and can be imported by you logger. If you don't want to record this additional log detail and not, at a later time, import into your logger, there is an inbuilt MSAccess .mdb file log that will record QSOs and will identify worked B4 Callsigns.

de Laurie, VK3AMA

On 16-October-2011 04:19, Carter wrote:
Hi Laurie,
Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to write me an answer to
my inquiry.
I don't know enough to help you to help me! Hi!
Many thanks, anyway. I just wanted to get on the bandwagon, too! Your
application seems like SUCH an improvement on the basic JT65-HF. I am
having a great time with it, and just wanted a way not to have to make
repeated QSOs! And, to be able to see the states I've worked and the
ones I still need would be such fun!
Carter N3AO

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Hi Carter.

Sorry, no, JT-Alert doesn't support DX4WIN logging. In the past I had
look at it. It uses an unknow format for the log and I was unable to
find any documentation on its structure. Also, the demo version of
DX4WIN didn't support saving the log, so I was unable to perform any
realistic tests. At that point I abandoned any further investigations
into DX4WIN.

If you have information on the log format or can point me at a source,
can have another look at it.

de Laurie, VK3AMA

On 13-October-2011 23:10, Carter wrote:
Hi Laurie,
You sure are one busy man, and I know that thousands of hams
appreciate what you are doing for them.
Will JT Alerts work with MY logging program, DX4WIN?

Here are my working conditions at the present time, and all are
working well for me:
FLEX-1500 SDR, using PowerSDR v2.2.3
JT65-HF v1.0.7
DX4WIN V8.03
I send my logs from JT65 to: C:&#92;dx4w803&#92;save&#92;JT65 logs

I doubt that your program would work with my setup, but would like
to inquire.
Thanks in advance,
Carter Craigie N3AO
570 Brush Mountain Road
Blacksburg, VA 24060
Tel: 540-250-8184
Email: carter128@...


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