locked [Ham-Apps] JT-Alert 1.5.0 not logging to HRD

Laurie, VK3AMA <groups03@...>


Are you receiving a popup message indicating that the logging had failed?
If not, then the most likely cause is the missing trailing backslash on the JT65-HF log path (see my message titled "## IMPORTANT ## - Bug in JT-Alert 1.5.0 logging").

de Laurie, VK3AMA

On 17-October-2011 06:38, larryinlima wrote:

Unlike the previous post on this, I have all the settings correct. However after three contact since downloading and installing this new version, none of the contacts were posted to my HRD logbbook. Using V5.0 build 2893, Windows7 Pro, JT65 v1.0.7. I installed JT-Alert in the Program Files directory. Any ideas I'll be happy to provide any info from my end as I'm looking forward to no longer having to do manual entry.