locked [Ham-Apps] B4 on other bands

Laurie, VK3AMA <groups03@...>

Hi John,

So what you want is... say you have worked VK3AMA only on 20M, you are currently on 10M, VK3AMA is decoded on 10M calling CQ, you want that decode to show as a B4. Is that correct? If so, it is not currently possible unless the QRG in JT65-HF is set to zero, which I would see as undesirable if logging and or RBN spots are important to you.

Having said all that, I could add an option to JT-Alert to ignore the Band for B4 testing. Easy to do, it will be in the next release.

de Laurie, VK3AMA

On 17-October-2011 11:34, JohnB wrote:
Hi Laurie,

B4 alerts for stations worked on the current band is working great, but stations worked on other bands are not being flagged as worked B4.

There's a note in the Worked B4 configuration screen that says "If the QRG is not set in JT65-HF, and if the decoded Callsign previously worked, regardless of band, it will be flagged as worked B4."

I do want stations worked on other bands to be flagged as worked before, so what do I do to make this happen?

John (WA3CAS)