locked Feature Request: 6m-only for Grid alerts

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

On 27/07/2021 4:05 am, Jon KM8V wrote:
The 6m FFMA grids alert option in recent versions is great.

For me, I'm always toggling grid alerts on/off when I'm switching bands between 6m and other bands, and at least for me, it'd be great to have an option to only alert (highlight, as well as sounds) wanted grids on 6m and above - not limited just to FFMA.


73 de KM8V Jon

All of what you want is already available.

Alerting (sound) FFMA Grids only on 6m is accomplished by setting the "When operating 6m do not play ..." checkbox. With it un-ticked, all 6m grid alerts will play regardless of whether they are an FFMA grid.


As for limiting Grid Alerts to 6m and above. That has always been available for all the Alert types. Set the Band Tracking to "By Individual Band" and then un-tick the bands you don't want Alerted.


The above settings are found in the Settings window of the main JTAlert window (the old one) under the "Alerts -> Wanted Grid" section.

de Laurie VK3AMA