locked Error updating Jtalert



I'm Ivan (I4JBJ)


I have been using version 2.16.6 of jtalert for a long time.

Upgrading to version 2.16. 17 I receive a UDP communication error without having changed any parameters.

The jtalert window is visible but obviously without showing any stations.

By reinstalling the xxxx version everything returns to normal and the stations reappear.

I repeated this operation several times and got the same behavior.

Attached is a file with the printing of some windows.

I have no idea what kind of mistake.

I Need help


thank you




Ivan Beltrami

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After further testing I think that the error reported as due to JTAlert instead depends on SportCollector not connecting with wsjt-x since I mistakenly try to start SportCollector before Wsjt-x.
Changing the boot order the JTAlert error does not appear but the SpotCollector connection failure remains. Two Messages received: "SpotCollector not connected WSJT-X not connected" "SC_WSJTX has reported an error; the WSJT-X spot source has been disabled"



Today I found that JT-Alert and SpotCollector cannot be connected to the same instance of wsjt-x at the same time. Then only one of the two must be chosen and connected. Therefore no mistake but my not knowing. Ivan (I4JBJ)