Does JTAlert Decode Fox/Hound Mode?

Marlo Montanaro - KA2IRQ

Trying to work Malawi on 40 M Fox/Hound mode, and I'm only getting standard decodes...  When JTAlert sees something like:

025430 0 0.4 284 ~ WA4ZXV RR73; UA4PT <7Q7RU> -16

it doesn't seem to decode anything or produces a bogus decode in the decode window- it certainly does not match WSJT-X.

Is this by design?  Not a big deal, really- Usually if you're in F/H Mode you really don't need JTAlert anyway (although I do leave it running).

WSJT-X V2.2.2 and JTAlert V2.16.16 on Win10.

Just curious...



JT-Alert's display really does not work with F/H mode.  Considering that you're trying to get ONE station, and WSJT-X handles the QSO, all JT-Alert is needed for is to interface with your logging program.

Neil< kN3ILZ