locked Decode Window Does Not Completely Update

Marlo Montanaro - KA2IRQ

Hi - 

V2.16.17 on Win10, I would have receive going while I was surfing the web.  I'd hear the alert for a new DXCC entity, and I would quickly open the Decode window to see what was there.  I sometimes do not see anything highlighted, indicating the alert.


Then I would open JTAlert's main screen and I would see the highlighted callsign there.

At the end of the *next* cycle, as stations start to populate the decode window, the alert will show up there, usually with two other lines (total of three).  It always seems to be if the alert was in the top 3 lines of the decode window, it *may* not show up at the end of the proper time slot.  It always shows up in the correct time slot (as indicated by the alternating colors of each time slot), just a bit late.


Marlo- KA2IRQ