locked Changes to XML lookups in next JTAlert release.

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)


The next release of JTAlert includes changes to how XML results are used.
When an XML lookup is performed (triggered by a change in WSJT-X DXCall) if the results returned from the XML lookup are for a
Callsign different than the Callsign sent in the original lookup request, the lookup results are ignored and not used.

This is being done due to the HamQTH XML service routinely returning incorrect results for compound callsigns.
As recently discussed, for callsigns like  ZA/IN3PPH and KP2/NK4DX HamQTH is returning xml data for the base callsign only not the compound callsign, eg.IN3PPH and NK4DX respectively, which are for the wrong DXCC (and zones and grids, etc).

With the next version of JTAlert if the Callsign returned in the xml data does not match the original request callsign exactly, the xml data is discarded and ignored. This is not restricted to HamQTH only, it also applies to the QRZ (any any future supported service).

BTW, for the two specific callsign mentioned, the QRZ XML service returned correct data for those callsigns.

de Laurie VK3AMA