locked Big Logs

Shel KF0UR

When I started using WSJT-X, JTAlerts and AC Log, the log populated with the Call within a few seconds on my Surface 3 laptop.   FYI, AC Log is going to for the call data.

Now that I have 107K QSOs in AC Log, it's taking over 24 seconds from the time the call is populated in WSJT-X to the call being populated in AC Log.  

If I enter a call in AC Log directly, the call data from gets populated within a second or so.  So that process alone seems OK.

I experimented a bit and tried this with a very small log, just a few QSOs.  In this case, the log populated very quickly, in just a few seconds.

So I wonder what is going on that the number of QSOs in the log has an effect in the process to get a call from WSJT-X to AC Log?.  Is JTAlerts somehow going through all the QSOs in the log for some reason?  I should mention I'm not using JTAlerts for any alerts at this time.  They are all off.   Just a conduit from WSJT-X to AC Log.

Tnx for any insight,

Shel KF0UR