locked automatic start of JTDX #JTDX

Peter van IJperen

Goodday ,

I used Win4Yaesu suite and JTDX together with JT-alert 2.50.1 at the moment.

I have made in win4yaesu a autostart for jt-alert but still is not starting without the choice of wsjt or jtdx.

How must I made rule no. 4 to start jt-alert automatic?

also if i changed the rule to:

cmd /c start ""  "C:\Program Files (x86)\HamApps\JTAlert\JTAlert.exe" /jtdx     it will not work

73 Peter  PC1Y

Roger- AC6BW

I also use Win4Yaesu.
I autostart HRD Logbook, but I don't autostart WSJT-X (or JTDX), nor JTAlert.
Do the programs get autostarted in the same sequence as shown in the list? Is there a delay between each of the autostarts?
I ask, because the logging program must be started before WSJT-X (or JTDX), and WSJT-X (or JTDX) must be started before JTAlert.

This may be a good question for Tom, VA2FSQ, the developer of Win4Yaesu.
He is very responsive.
His email is: support at va2fsq.com