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HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

The latest JTAlert version 2.50.1 is now available @ https://hamapps.com/JTAlert/

Many fixes, changes and new functionality.

JTAlert is now distributed as separate 64bit and 32bit packages. Install the package that corresponds to your Windows architecture type, x64 (64bit) or x86 (32bit).

Please review the release notes at the end of this message.

de Laurie VK3AMA

Release Notes.

2.50.1 (2021-May-01)

  *** Includes Callsign database file version 2021-05-01 (2021-May-01)


    - JTAlert: Is now distributed as individual x86 (32bit) & x64 (64bit) builds.
       Windows 32bit requires the x86 build, while Windows 64bit can run either
       the x86 or x64 build. The x64 build is recommended for Windows 64bit.
       Note: The .NET desktop runtime architecture must match the architecture
       type of the JTAlert installer, x86 or x64.

    - Messaging window: Ability to delete all messages. Available via the right-click
       menu of any visible message or the right-click menu of the Options (gear) icon.

    - Callsigns, Messaging, Activity and Band Heat windows: Window background color
       and other areas depending on the window are now user settable. Note: this is
       not full featured window theming (set for a future release) just the most
       prominent areas can be altered. The Config popup, tooltips and context menus
       are not changeable they will still obey the color theme you are using for Windows.
       See under the Colors section of the Options popup (click the gear icon).

    - Callsigns window: The callsign right-click context menu can be customized.
       It can be turned off completely or individual entries can be hidden.

    - Activity window: Data column text alignment is adjustable, either Left, Right,
       Center or Mixed, where Mixed is Right aligned for the Tx counts and Left
       for the Rx counts. See the Bands view of the Options popup (click gear icon).


    - Callsigns window: The divider-bar between the main callsigns view and the
       callers view is now moveable, drag while holding the left mouse button
       down. The callers view can now display multiple rows or columns depending
       on the display position and the area available after dragging the divider.
       The callers view width/height after moving the divider is remembered and
       restored at startup. The callers view no longer auto-opens when callers
       first appear and no longer auto-closes when there are no callers.

    - Callsigns window: Online indicator (star icon) now has a size selector.
       Previously it used the QSL flag size selector. See the Options popup
       of the Callsigns window.

    - Messaging window: WSJT-X DX Call changes now no longer auto populate the
       Callsign field if a message is already being composed. That is if the
       message field contains text, the DX Call change is ignored.

    - Statsbar hiding: The option to hide the statusbar for windows has been
       removed. The statusbar is now always shown. This change affects the
       new Activity, Callsigns & Messaging windows introduced with 2.50.0.

    - WSJT-X highlighting: B4 and ignored Callsign highlighting in the WSJT-X window
       can now be turned off via a checkbox in the Settings window, "Applications
       -> WSJT-X / JTDX" section. Note this does not apply to JTDX, it doesn't
       support decode coloring.

    - FT4 logging: The option to log FT4 QSOs as Mode=FT4 rather than the adif
       compliant specification has been removed. This affects all Logs except
       ACLog, HRD5, and HRD6 (up to 6.2).

    - FT4, Q65 & FST4 logging: FT4, Q65, & FST4 mode QSOs are now logged using the
       official adif specifications (3.1.2) of Mode=MFSK & Submode=Q65, FST4 & FT4


    - Windows 32bit (x86): Installer would incorrectly report the .NET 5 Desktop
       Runtime was not installed. JTAlert would execute with several fatal errors.

    - ADIF log: Very slow import at startup. (2.50.0 defect)

    - Q65 decodes: Not displayed in the Callsigns window. (2.50.0 defect)

    - All loggers: Solar data (SFI,A,K) not logged. (2.50.0 defect)

    - WSJT-X: Control key pressed state, for changing WSJT-X TX frequency, not used
       when Callsign is clicked in the Callsigns window. (2.50.0 defect)

    - Messaging window: Incorrect scaling (zooming) applied to messages and the
       Options popup. (2.50.0 defect)

    - Callsigns window #2 and higher: For all instances except #1, not following
       the JTAlert window state (minimize, restore or bring forward) despite the
       "Follow JTAlert window" setting being enabled. (2.50.0 defect)

    - Callsigns window: DT median value in statusbar not shown or doesn't change
       over time. (2.50.0 defect)

    - DXLab integration: The DXKeeper, Pathfinder and DXView lookups missing
       from the right-click context menu of the callsign displays in the Callsigns
       window. (2.50.0 defect)

    - Config backups: Config backup files, older than 7 days, not being deleted
       by the automated file maintenance routine.

  Unresolved Defects:

    - Marathon Alert: Triggered countries and zones not being shown in the callsign
       info tooltip of the Callsigns window. (2.50.0 defect)

    - Messaging: Only available on the first instance (#1) of JTAlert and its child windows.