locked #Announcement #NewRelease : JTAlert 2.12.7 is available for download #Announcement #NewRelease

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

Visit for the download link and upgrade/install instructions

This release is available in two builds, the traditional build (menus and band activity displayed on the titlebar) plus a new "Alternate Layout" build created for those Win10 users who are experiencing missing menus and band activity display with the traditional JTAlert build.

Release Notes...
    - Late logging of a WSJT-X QSO (after changing DX Call before completing the
       logging of the previous DX Call), initially no longer shows a Callsign
       Mismatch error. The log fields data from a snapshot taken (for the
       previous DX Call) when the DX Call was changed is used if the Callsign
       of the snapshot matches the logged Callsign, otherwise the Callsign
       Mismatch error is still shown.

    - Incorrect country for WSJT-X decode callsigns using special event words as
       the callsign prefix eg. POTA/Callsign, SOTA/Callsign, QRPP/Callsign, etc.
       (Why the recent change in operator behaviour? The convention has been to
       include these activation words as a suffix, eg Callsign/POTA).

de Laurie VK3AMA