locked sticky #Announcement : NET 5.0.7 breaking JTAlert - A progress report. #Announcement

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

The source of the error causing sound to not work and the different 2.50.x windows, like the Callsigns window, to unexpectedly close and reopen has been identified.
  • The problem is within the NAudio package that JTAlert uses for audio output device selection and playback.

  • It only occurs with the most recent NET desktop runtime 5.0.7 that was forced upon us by recent Windows updates.

  • Downgrading the NET runtime to 5.0.6 resolves the issue.

  • Any application using NAudio will experience an access violation error when run against the 5.0.7 runtime. This is not limited to JTAlert.

The primary reason for using NAudio is that it allows selection of the sound output device. The inbuilt sound functions of C# WPF, in which JTAlert is coded, do not support sound device selection, all sounds are played on whichever device is set within Windows as the default.

At this time, I am coding a change to sound playback that does not use NAudio and will instead uses the default sound routines of C# WPF. This will mean the loss of sound device selection unfortunately. If or when NAudio is fixed or Microsoft reverse the 5.0.7 breaking change, I don't care which, I will return sound output device selection to JTAlert.

A new JTAlert release was due this week but I paused that release due to the current 5.0.7 situation. The new release will also have the sound playback fix. Hopefully in 2 or 3 days time as there are some significant enhancements coming to the Callsigns window and I need to finalize documentation for those first.

de Laurie VK3AMA