locked Allow filter overrides for needed DX, states, etc. #FT8


I'm using the JTAlert filters for NA and eQSL so I don't expect DX call signs to appear in the call sign window. However I am still getting the wanted DX audio alerts but the DX call sign in WSJT-X window in not being assigned the specified wanted DX color . I'm not sure if this is by design or accident but I do like still getting wanted DX alerts even when I filter the call sign window for NA only.

So I'd like to suggest that the filter feature be modified to have override options that the op could select to allow continued audio and visual alerts for wanted DX, States, etc. even when they are not included in a given filter.  I don't want to miss a needed DX just because I have the filter set for NA while I'm county hunting. This would allow me to still limit listed calls to just NA except when a needed station is spotted.