locked Alert 1.5

jgmags2000 <jgmags2000@...>

Please explain to me how? How do you shut down all the background programs to get the usage down that low. I have 2.6gb processor AMD64 and 4gb memory and the lowest cpu usage I get is 38%.

73, John

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Hi John.
I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and with IE9 9 Tabs open,
Thunderbird checking 4 email accounts every minute, HRD for rig control,
JT-65HF + JT-Alert 1.5.0 plus of course anti virus etc
CPU usage is running at below 3% except when decoding when it can peak
at 14%. Memory usage is about 2.3Gb (6Gb fitted).

I really haven't noticed any difference but I think it would take a lot
to slow this thing down!

73, John G4GCL

On 16/10/2011 16:26, jgmags2000 wrote:

New version has slowed my computer to a crawl. Apps take inordinate
time to load.. Windows 7 64 bit. Anyone else experiencing this?

73, John KJ1J