locked After latest Win (or .Net) Update, JTAlert crashes when emitting any sounds.


Around the time of my last Windows system updates, circa, June 11th, any
time JTA emitted sounds, there were only short scratchy bursts of
unintelligible noise.
After a minute, JTA crashed. Windows opened "app crashed" popup, asked to
Cancel, did so, then JTA restarts and continues until the next sound.
Turning off sound stopped the crashing but, of course, then there was no
sound to alert me.
Not sure if this is due to the updated Windows binaries or .Net - both of
which had updates on June 8th.
Never thought I'd miss the JT sounds so much.

Here are the specific updates that occurred circa the JT crashing around
June 11th.
1. June 8, 2021- KB5003637 (OS Builds 19041.1052, 19042.1052, and
2. June 8, 2021 -.Net 5.0.7
Although dated June 8th, they were only installed around June 11th when JTA
audio started blowing up.

I have not found any other Win apps that are similarly affected.
I tried changing JTA's output device among several I have (Motu phones,
RealTek speakers, virtual mixers, etc.)
Nothing changed. JTA crashes on audio no matter the device or its type.

I'm only guessing it might be an incompatibility between JTA's output device
selection and/or audio formatting with latest .Net 5.0.7 version.

Hope that helps.
TomK / KT1TK / 73

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On 15/06/2021 5:54 pm, Paul F6EXV wrote:
It is greyed out... I cannot activate it...
If its greyed out it is because you don't have a log enabled. There is no
point showing the log fields if there is no logger to log to. You will note
the titlebar will be displaying "NO Log"

de Laurie VK3AMA



There are literally dozens of postings in this Forum on this subject. Help yourself and read please.
Ron, W3RJW

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