locked JTAlert/WSJT-X Issues with AK and HI, plus B4 problem - PROBLEM CAUSE IDENTIFIED

JTAlert Support (VK3AMA)

The problem with JTAlert not identifying "AK" & "HI" Lotw confirmed QSOs during the rebuild process has been identified.

As I expected, the supplied QRZ adi file is at fault. For many of the HI & AK QSOs there is no State recorded in the file, but some are fine. I didn't see anything obviously different between the QSOs recorded with and without a State.

It has always been my policy that JTAlert does not add, delete or modify QSO data in a user-supplied log, whether it is an ADIF file or one of the mainstream loggers. I treat the Log as the master, the definitive source and assume its accuracy.

With "AK" & "HI" QSOs, I am willing to bend my above rule about modifying the log data. As it is implied that "AK" & "HI" Country entries are also for "AK" & "HI" States. This is a unique situation.

I have modified the JTAlert Rebuild function to explicitly set the State for "AK" & "HI" Country QSOs. Note, this is not modifying the log file, missing State data will remain missing in the source file/log, but JTAlert will correctly apply the missing State for purposes of rebuilding the Alert database.

de Laurie VK3AMA