locked Alert when needed entity is receiving you but not actively transmitting on band. Would this be possible to add to JT Alert? #FT8


Often while using FT8 I've seen needed entities in PSK Reporter and/or Ham Spots that are receiving me but not currently transmitting on the band. I'll give them a call and many times they respond and another band slot is filled.

Would it be possible to add a function in JT Alert that would alert an op when this scenario occurs ? Perhaps a separate optional pane on the call sign window for needed entities that are receiving you?


That would involve a lot of internet activity, and hitting up the two sites creating more congestion at the sites.   Wouldn't it be easier just to keep a browser open to Hamspots, as it does pick up info from PSK Reporter on stations hearing you?


Neil, KN3ILZ


If you see yourself spotted it doesn't mean there is an op ready to answer your call.
Many operators leave their rigs on 24/7 to spot for networks.
The only way to know for sure is to hear them on the air.
The best way I've found is to look at their TX history in a site like pskreporter and be there when they are on the air.

Bob, KM4RL


Like I said that is not always true. I've filled a number of needed band slots simply by calling a needed entity that was not currently transmitting but was receiving me as indicated by Ham Spots and PSK Reporter. They responded to my call, gave me the required signal report and I got them in the log.