locked #Announcement #NewRelease : JTAlert 2.50.5 is available #Announcement #NewRelease

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

The latest JTAlert version 2.50.5 is now available at https://hamapps.com/JTAlert/

The new installers have been examined by Microsoft and flagged as Virus/Trojan free. The MS Defender definitions files have been updated to exclude JTAlert 2.50.5 as a threat.

*** IMPORTANT *** If you use the Ignore Date setting for Worked B4 alerting the existing setting may have been reset or changed. You will need to go into the JTAlert Settings window, "Alerts -> Worked B4" section and ensure the Date is set per your requirements.

Full release notes are available at the end of this message. I strongly encourage all users read these before installing this new JTAlert release.

de Laurie VK3AMA

Release Notes:

2.50.5 (2021-Aug-11)

  *** Includes Callsign database file version 2021-08-?? (2021-Aug-11)


    - Worked B4 Alert: Ignoreing the B4 status based on the age of QSOs in the Log.
       Selectable in Monthly increments, 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 12, 24 and 36 Months. The age
       is determinined by the utc Date when the current JTAlert session is started.
       See the Alerts -> Worked B4 section of the main JTAlert window Settings.

    - User Defined Alert: New %JTAlert_IsFFMAGrid% environment variable has been
       added for use within the Alert script/batch file. This environment variable will
       indicated "Yes" or "No" if the Grid of the Alerted decode is an FFMA grid.

    - Activity Window: WSJTX/JTDX active Band and Mode now displayed in status bar.
       Note: This is for the first JTAlert instance only (#1).

    - Activity Window: The Band matching the WSJTX/JTDX active Band now has a user-
       settable colored indicator to the left of the Band title. The tx and rx count
       numbers of the active Band are displayed with an increased font weight.
       Note: This is for the first JTAlert instance only (#1).


    - WSJTX/JTDX UDP Resend: If the UDP resend is enabled and the port is set to
       match the WSJTX/JTDX UDP Server port, the port is reset to the default 2334
       and the resend option is disabled. This is to prevent resent data being sent
       back to the port that JTAlert is listening too for UDP messages from WSJTX/JTDX
       and creating a feedback loop causing endless duplicated decodes and logging

    - Sample User Alert script: The script has been updated to use the CMail freeware
       command-line SMTP mailer. CMail supports SSL/TLS connections to SMTP accounts
       something that was not possible with the previously used Blat mailer.


    - Callsigns Window: Band and Mode shown in status bar not visible after
       closing and reopening the window.

    - Logging: "QSO_DATE_OFF" not being sent in logging instruction sent to all
       supported logs when there was not a date change during the length of a QSO.
       The lastqso.adi file was also not getting this data. Note: the QSO End Date
       is not sent to ACLog as it has no support for this data in its logging API.

    - Activity Window: Last display line, Band or Total depending on display
       options not visible when window is first shown after startup requiring
       a manual window resizing to bring the missing line back into view.