locked {SPAMFILTER} [HamApps] main window immediately closes (v 2.50.2)

Anthony W. DePrato

I got the same thing weeks ago when i updated . never could get it to work . just went back to an older version. glad to see some are getting it to work. YEP checked to boxes and changed the ip address per help files . same message.

73 Tony WA4JQS

At 10:26 AM 7/9/2021, you wrote:
I upgraded to 2.50.2 with the latest Dotnet version. The install tells me that the latest version is installed successfully. When i open it everything comes up but then the main window immediatly closes and only the call sign window stays open. What did i miss or mess up? attached error pops too. Problem is the window does stay open for me to try to fix it..
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