locked Interesting Anomaly

John Petrocelli


    I have seen an interesting anomaly. I shall describe it and also a "work around"

    When one tight clicks on a callsign in the Callsign window and then left clicks on "show QSO history", it will sometimes not show the QSO history, nothing shows at all.

   The "work around" is..............

       1) go to the Main JTAlert window and right-click on the callsign and select "show QSO history".  It will show the history for the callsign shown.
       2) close the callsign history window
       3) go to the Callsigns window and right-click on any callsign and select "show QSO history".  It will work OK now.

    This "work around" will be OK until the next time the "Show QSO history" window does not work again.  Simply perform the 3 steps listed in the "work around"

    It seems to be somewhat random although I am not sure on this timing.

John R. Petrocelli - WA2HIP
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