locked #Important #Announcement : Status update on Broken JTAlert audio with NET 5.0.7 desktop runtime #Announcement #Important

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

An update on the current status of broken JTAlert audio with the .NET 5.0.7 desktop runtime.

  • I just now finished testing a new NET build with the fix that broke audio with NET 5.0.7. It worked flawlessly.

  • After reporting my successful tests I asked the question, "Any idea on how long before the fix makes it into a public NET release, days, weeks or months?" I got the response...
    This will likely be more on the scale of months rather than weeks due to the servicing timeline.

  • That response was unexpected, but I understand the issue.

  • So I will be going with my plan "B", dropping the audio library which is broken by the NET 5.0.7 changes.
    That has already been coded and has been with the test team for a few days now.

  • I will be targeting the JTAlert 2.50.2 public release for 21-June-2021.

  • Please be aware that JTAlert 2.50.2 will no longer support audio output device selection. All audio output will be sent to the device set as the default under Windows.

  • If JTAlert audio output device selection is important to you, my suggestion is to roll back JTAlert to version 2.16.17

  • If the affected audio library, NAudio, developer codes a fix before the new fixed NET runtime is released I will reverse the "playback on the default audio device only" change. I do note that the NAudio developer has been conspicuously quite regarding this issue, so I am not expecting a fix for the NAudio library any time soon.

de Laurie VK3AMA