locked FFMA Grids

Dave NT9E

  • The 488 Required Grid Squares-

    The following is the list of all 488 grid squares that must be confirmed on 6 meters to qualify for the FFMA:

    CM FIELD: 12 grid squares


    CM86 - CM89

    CM93 - CM99

    CN FIELD: 27 grid squares

    CN70 - CN78

    CN80 - CN88

    CN90 - CN98

    DL FIELD 5 grid squares


    DL88 - DL89

    DL98 - DL99

    DM FIELD: 90 grid squares

    DM02 - DM09

    DM12 - DM19

    DM22 - DM29

    DM31 - DM39

    DM41 - DM49

    DM51 - DM59

    DM61 - DM99

    DN FIELD: 90 grid squares

    DN00 - DN08

    DN10 - DN18

    DN20 - DN28

    DN30 - DN38

    DN40 - DN48

    DN50 - DN58

    DN60 - DN68

    DN70 - DN78

    DN80 - DN88

    DN90 - DN98

    EL FIELD: 27 grid squares

    EL06 - EL09

    EL15 - EL19

    EL28 - EL29



    EL58 – EL59



    EL86 - EL89

    EL94 - EL99

    EM FIELD: 100 grid squares

    EM00 - EM99

    EN FIELD: 80 grid squares

    EN00 - EN08

    EN10 - EN18

    EN20 - EN29

    EN30 - EN38

    EN40 - EN48

    EN50 - EN58

    EN60 - EN67

    EN70 - EN76

    EN80 - EN86

    EN90 - EN92

    FM FIELD: 20 grid squares

    FM02 - FM09

    FM13 - FM19

    FM25 - FM29

    FN FIELD: 37 grid squares

    FN00 - FN03

    FN10 - FN14

    FN20 - FN25

    FN30 - FN35

    FN41 - FN46


    FN53 - FN57

    FN64 - FN67

Jeff Otterson

This might be easier for Laurie to deal with:


const ffma_grids = [
  'CM79', 'CM86', 'CM87', 'CM88', 'CM89', 'CM93', 'CM94', 'CM95', 'CM96', 'CM97', 'CM98', 'CM99',
  'CN70', 'CN71', 'CN72', 'CN73', 'CN74', 'CN75', 'CN76', 'CN77', 'CN78', 'CN80', 'CN81', 'CN82',
  'CN83', 'CN84', 'CN85', 'CN86', 'CN87', 'CN88', 'CN90', 'CN91', 'CN92', 'CN93', 'CN94', 'CN95',
  'CN96', 'CN97', 'CN98', 'DL79', 'DL88', 'DL89', 'DL98', 'DL99', 'DM02', 'DM03', 'DM04', 'DM05',
  'DM06', 'DM07', 'DM08', 'DM09', 'DM12', 'DM13', 'DM14', 'DM15', 'DM16', 'DM17', 'DM18', 'DM19',
  'DM22', 'DM23', 'DM24', 'DM25', 'DM26', 'DM27', 'DM28', 'DM29', 'DM31', 'DM32', 'DM33', 'DM34',
  'DM35', 'DM36', 'DM37', 'DM38', 'DM39', 'DM41', 'DM42', 'DM43', 'DM44', 'DM45', 'DM46', 'DM47',
  'DM48', 'DM49', 'DM51', 'DM52', 'DM53', 'DM54', 'DM55', 'DM56', 'DM57', 'DM58', 'DM59', 'DM61',
  'DM62', 'DM63', 'DM64', 'DM65', 'DM66', 'DM67', 'DM68', 'DM69', 'DM70', 'DM71', 'DM72', 'DM73',
  'DM74', 'DM75', 'DM76', 'DM77', 'DM78', 'DM79', 'DM80', 'DM81', 'DM82', 'DM83', 'DM84', 'DM85',
  'DM86', 'DM87', 'DM88', 'DM89', 'DM90', 'DM91', 'DM92', 'DM93', 'DM94', 'DM95', 'DM96', 'DM97',
  'DM98', 'DM99', 'DN00', 'DN01', 'DN02', 'DN03', 'DN04', 'DN05', 'DN06', 'DN07', 'DN08', 'DN10',
  'DN11', 'DN12', 'DN13', 'DN14', 'DN15', 'DN16', 'DN17', 'DN18', 'DN20', 'DN21', 'DN22', 'DN23',
  'DN24', 'DN25', 'DN26', 'DN27', 'DN28', 'DN30', 'DN31', 'DN32', 'DN33', 'DN34', 'DN35', 'DN36',
  'DN37', 'DN38', 'DN40', 'DN41', 'DN42', 'DN43', 'DN44', 'DN45', 'DN46', 'DN47', 'DN48', 'DN50',
  'DN51', 'DN52', 'DN53', 'DN54', 'DN55', 'DN56', 'DN57', 'DN58', 'DN60', 'DN61', 'DN62', 'DN63',
  'DN64', 'DN65', 'DN66', 'DN67', 'DN68', 'DN70', 'DN71', 'DN72', 'DN73', 'DN74', 'DN75', 'DN76',
  'DN77', 'DN78', 'DN80', 'DN81', 'DN82', 'DN83', 'DN84', 'DN85', 'DN86', 'DN87', 'DN88', 'DN90',
  'DN91', 'DN92', 'DN93', 'DN94', 'DN95', 'DN96', 'DN97', 'DN98', 'EL06', 'EL07', 'EL08', 'EL09',
  'EL15', 'EL16', 'EL17', 'EL18', 'EL19', 'EL28', 'EL29', 'EL39', 'EL49', 'EL58', 'EL59', 'EL79',
  'EL84', 'EL86', 'EL87', 'EL88', 'EL89', 'EL94', 'EL95', 'EL96', 'EL97', 'EL98', 'EL99', 'EM00',
  'EM01', 'EM02', 'EM03', 'EM04', 'EM05', 'EM06', 'EM07', 'EM08', 'EM09', 'EM10', 'EM11', 'EM12',
  'EM13', 'EM14', 'EM15', 'EM16', 'EM17', 'EM18', 'EM19', 'EM20', 'EM21', 'EM22', 'EM23', 'EM24',
  'EM25', 'EM26', 'EM27', 'EM28', 'EM29', 'EM30', 'EM31', 'EM32', 'EM33', 'EM34', 'EM35', 'EM36',
  'EM37', 'EM38', 'EM39', 'EM40', 'EM41', 'EM42', 'EM43', 'EM44', 'EM45', 'EM46', 'EM47', 'EM48',
  'EM49', 'EM50', 'EM51', 'EM52', 'EM53', 'EM54', 'EM55', 'EM56', 'EM57', 'EM58', 'EM59', 'EM60',
  'EM61', 'EM62', 'EM63', 'EM64', 'EM65', 'EM66', 'EM67', 'EM68', 'EM69', 'EM70', 'EM71', 'EM72',
  'EM73', 'EM74', 'EM75', 'EM76', 'EM77', 'EM78', 'EM79', 'EM80', 'EM81', 'EM82', 'EM83', 'EM84',
  'EM85', 'EM86', 'EM87', 'EM88', 'EM89', 'EM90', 'EM91', 'EM92', 'EM93', 'EM94', 'EM95', 'EM96',
  'EM97', 'EM98', 'EM99', 'EN00', 'EN01', 'EN02', 'EN03', 'EN04', 'EN05', 'EN06', 'EN07', 'EN08',
  'EN10', 'EN11', 'EN12', 'EN13', 'EN14', 'EN15', 'EN16', 'EN17', 'EN18', 'EN20', 'EN21', 'EN22',
  'EN23', 'EN24', 'EN25', 'EN26', 'EN27', 'EN28', 'EN29', 'EN30', 'EN31', 'EN32', 'EN33', 'EN34',
  'EN35', 'EN36', 'EN37', 'EN38', 'EN40', 'EN41', 'EN42', 'EN43', 'EN44', 'EN45', 'EN46', 'EN47',
  'EN48', 'EN50', 'EN51', 'EN52', 'EN53', 'EN54', 'EN55', 'EN56', 'EN57', 'EN58', 'EN60', 'EN61',
  'EN62', 'EN63', 'EN64', 'EN65', 'EN66', 'EN67', 'EN70', 'EN71', 'EN72', 'EN73', 'EN74', 'EN75',
  'EN76', 'EN80', 'EN81', 'EN82', 'EN83', 'EN84', 'EN85', 'EN86', 'EN90', 'EN91', 'EN92', 'FM02',
  'FM03', 'FM04', 'FM05', 'FM06', 'FM07', 'FM08', 'FM09', 'FM13', 'FM14', 'FM15', 'FM16', 'FM17',
  'FM18', 'FM19', 'FM25', 'FM26', 'FM27', 'FM28', 'FM29', 'FN00', 'FN01', 'FN02', 'FN03', 'FN10',
  'FN11', 'FN12', 'FN13', 'FN14', 'FN20', 'FN21', 'FN22', 'FN23', 'FN24', 'FN25', 'FN30', 'FN31',
  'FN32', 'FN33', 'FN34', 'FN35', 'FN41', 'FN42', 'FN43', 'FN44', 'FN45', 'FN46', 'FN51', 'FN53',
  'FN54', 'FN55', 'FN56', 'FN57', 'FN64', 'FN65', 'FN66', 'FN67'];

origin is https://github.com/n1kdo/lotw-gridmapper/blob/master/GridMapper.html

Jeff n1kdo


HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

On 1/06/2021 12:37 am, Jeff Otterson wrote:
This might be easier for Laurie to deal with:

Tnx Jeff, but you're too late. I have already created the list. Unless something unexpected arises from the JTAlert Test team, FFMA Grids will be available in the upcoming release as an optional dedicated view within the new Callsigns window.

de Laurie VK3AMA