locked JT 2.50.01 with WSJT-X 2.3.1


Updated to v.2.3.1 0e7224 today... and it starts fine, and works normally, but after some random period of time (I'm sure its not random, but so far I haven't figured out what it is), it stops seeing any of the decodes (ie the callsigns don't appear in the callsigns window, no announcements, etc).   But simply closing JTAlert and starting it again (not doing anything in WSJT-X) and it will work again for a random period of time.   I know, probably more an issue with WSJT, just seems weird that restarting JTAlert would solve it short term. No security pop ups etc.

Just curious any thoughts

Carl - WC4H

Have you tried WSJT-X V2.4.0-rc4?

I'm using that one with JTAlerts 2.50.1 and all seems to be working fine so far.

Carl - WC4H