locked Update top version 1.50.0 gone wrong

Ed K0iL

Subject correction: Updated to version 2.50.0 gone wrong.  
Updated to JT Alert 2.50.0 and nothing works any longer.
Only the top menu line appears.  
No Sound either when testing sound.
My personal settings all seem to still be there. But it's still dead after restarting both of WSJT-X and JT Alert.
UDP Comm Failure error message states unable to communicate with WSJT-X process. Says see JT Alert Help for correct WSJT-X UDP Setup. That help page now recommends new UDP multicast addressing. So tried that. It still doesn't work.
Should I have updated WSJT-X first from 2.2.2 to latest version?
Anyone else having this problem with JTAlert's new version 2.50.0?