locked JTAlert and HRD Logbook #HRD

Ben Goldfarb

Having read an earlier post from Laurie about potential issues with HRD's Access DBs, I resolved my problems with JTAlert 2.5.0 by simply converting my HRD log to MySQL.

After an initial failure with 2.5.0, I had reverted to 2.16.17. Once I converted the HRD log database to MySQL, the long standing problem of JTAlert crashing after settings were applied disappeared, which inspired me to try the 2.5.0 install again. Bingo! The issues with JTAlert 2.5.0 went away.

And so, I am a very happy camper. Kudos to Laurie, who added everything I had hoped for and then some! Excellent product and a great service to the digital ham community. Thank you very much!

73 de Ben AE4NT