locked Voice Alerts for 'POTA'?

Glen Jenkins WB4KTF

Is there an easy way to create a VOICE ALERT in JTAlert what could vocalize "WANTED POTA" (the O vowel is a 'long' O).  Now with many hams activating Parks on The Air, they are sending "CQ POTA CALLSIGN".  I'd like the software to let me know.  I did set up (added the CALL POTA) a visual alert/highlighting of CQs that contain POTA, using the alert for a WANTED CALLSIGN, but it says "Wanted Call"..
Could this be a possible addition to a future release?
Glen, WB4KTF, Austin, TX

Patrick Hung

I like your workaround, and will use it till the feature is added (if it's added).

Patrick - W6AJR