locked Wrong CQ & ITU Zones assigned by JTAlert

Rich - K1HTV

  All my QSOs made in WSJT-X pass through JTAlert and get logged into the DX Lab Suit's DXKeeper logger. After uploading a batch of QSOs to LOTW I have noticed that the CQ and ITU Zone numbers that I uploaded didn't correspond to the correct zone numbers that he uses with LOTW.

I did some checking and have discovered that when a QSO in WSJT-X does not include a grid square, it appears that JTAlert assigns CQ and ITU zone numbers to the QSO record based on the callsign area. As an example, I complete and log an FT8 QSO with W8ADX, who lives in California CQ Zone 3.  W8ADX calls me using Tx message 2 and never sends me his Grid. It appears that JTAlert assumes from the W8 callsign, that the station is in W8 land and incorrectly assigns an the CQ Zone 4 and ITU Zone 8 to this W8ADX QSO record. Those incorrect Zone numbers are the ones logged in DXKeeper. When QSOs like this are uploaded to LOTW, error records are produced for these QSOs in the "LOTW_QSLs_ADI_results.txt" file created by DXKeeper. 

Whenever a completed WSJT-X QSO without a grid square being received, JTALert should pass the QSO data from WSJT-X to the logging software WITHOUT CQ or ITU zone numbers. JTAlert should not assign CQ or ITU zone numbers based on the callsign of the station that was worked unless the zones can be correctly derived from a grid square. If there is no grid square, CQ or ITU zone numbers should NOT be assumed and assigned to that QSO.

Because of the way JTAlert is presently assigning incorrect CQ Zones (and also ITU Zones) to logged QSOs without grids, users who want to maintain an accurate log must edit many QSO records.

Rich - K1HTV

Jim Cooper

On 10 Jul 2020 at 10:43, Rich - K1HTV wrote:

W8ADX calls me using Tx message 2 and never
sends me his Grid.
When I get a QSO without the grid, and I'm
using JTalert, the JTalert xml lookup shows
me the correct grid and I just type it into
the WSJT logging window before clicking OK.

Rich - K1HTV

Hi Jim,.
 I understand that I can use the XML lookup, but when the band is open and I'm working stations quickly, especially on FT4 I don't have the time to look up and manually type in the grid.

My point is that JTAlert should not plug in incorrect CQ and ITU zones, derived from a callsign prefix, when a grid is not encountered in the report. That is assuming that it is JTAlert doing this before sending the QSO data to the logging program. Lets see what Laurie says on this topic.
Rich - K1HTV