locked Flex 6400 - two receivers - two bands - two jtalerts - wrong alerts #FT8


apologies for my poor english and for mistakes.
I own i7 PC and OS is Win10, radio is Flex 6400 eith two receivers active.
I opened first instance of WSJT-X as Radio A , started JTAlert 2.16.6. Then I opened a second instance of WSJT-X as Radio B, followed by another instance of JTAlert.
they works fine, both for decoding two bands and for alerts display. 
My alert choice was for DXCC, WAS and zone by band. I know this choice is same for both receivers.
But: I have wrong alerts displayed for grids (grid alarms I was using before for tests, but I did unselect at the end of tests) and If I click "settings" in JTAlert window's radio A,  JTAlert blocks. No more alerts are displayed. No way to restart it or close it. JTAlert on second receiver continue normally displaying (grid alerts)
Perhaps I missed some important settings

thank you for any help.
Frank i2dmi

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

On 25/05/2020 8:56 am, dimichele@... wrote:
If I click "settings" in JTAlert window's radio A,  JTAlert blocks

All decodes alerting will stop whenever the Settings window is opened. This is due to how JTAlertV2 is coded and the limitations of the current compiler.

This restriction will not apply to the future JTAlerV3 (still months from release) where the Settings window can be opened and changes made while continuing to alert incoming decodes.

The are further restrictions with respect to the Settings window when running multiple instances of JTAlert especially with changes being made and not being visible with the other instances. See the Help File, "Multiple Instances" topic.

de Laurie VK3AMA


Hi Laurie,
thanks for the reply. I understand and I'll be waiting for next release. 
A question:  Can I delete any previous choice (I mean: DXCC, WAS States, Zones ....) and restart with a clean alert choice start up?  I'd try to erase any previous setup of the "zones alerts". I have been using this, only for testing if the two instances were working fine. Unfortunately, now,  the zone's alerts are still displayed even if I did unclick the alert option box at the top of the window.
Thanks !  73 Take care.
Frank i2dmi