locked JTAlert 2.16.3 is available. #Announcement #NewRelease

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

The latest JTAlert version 2.16.3 is now available @

Please review the Release notes at the end of this message.

de Laurie VK3AMA

Release Notes.

2.16.3 (30-MAR-2020)

  *** Includes Callsign database file version 2020-03-30 (2020-March-30)


    - US State Scan: A popup warning that a new scan is needed will be shown
       whenever the "Consider DC as MD" checkbox is changed. The new scan is
       needed to correctly update the wanted lists counts to reflect whether
       "DC" is considered a separate alert-able entity.

    - Non US Callsigns that are listed in the FCC database with a US based
       State will be alerted as the United States and not the Country normally
       identified by their Callsign prefix. (eg NH2 Guam, AH0 Mariana Is, etc)


    - Logging: Some users experiencing non-logging of US State code.

    - Decodes Window: Show only Alerts filter incorrectly hiding callsigns that
       generated a VE Province Alert.

    - Decodes Window: Delays in decode population where the display would
       appear to pause with the display updates being one or more periods late.

    - Decodes Window: Rare "Threading" errors being thrown.

    - Decodes Window: US Callsigns loosing their State code after logging.

    - B4 Indicator: All decodes showing as B4 after several decode periods.
       This affected Log4OM MySQL log users. (2.16.0 defect)

    - DXCC Alert: "TNX73" alerting as "Republic of the Congo".

    - State Alert: Showing a total of "51 States" rather than "50 States"
       when the "Consider DC as MD" setting is enabled.

    - B4 Date: "NO Log" users getting "Unknown Date" in the Callsign tooltip
       for previously worked Callsigns showing the B4 indicator.

    - WAE Country Names: Incorrect name shown in Callsign tooltip. This was a
       cosmetic defect only. The correct dxcc code was still used for alerting.

    - Country Name Display: US based callsigns missing the State code after the
       Country name when the Callsign is a B4.