locked Strange Logging Issue

Charlie Hoffman

I've been having issues with logging and use real-time logging to QRZ, HRD, and eQSL.

The strange thing is that when logging contacts with DX stations, the numbers progress for 4-3-2-1 rapidly
and complete before the next cycle, even with FT-4 contacts.

When I make contacts with USA based stations, the numbers get 'stuck' at 2 and 1 and it takes so long to
complete that I miss the next one or sometime two cycles of contact displayed.

During that time period, the display on  JTAlert does not update with new callsigns and the information
in WSJTX does not show worked B4 or any status information from JTAlert.

Why is there such a drastic difference between the length of time it takes to log a USA contact and those from other countries?
Could it be because I have many more USA contacts in my logs and it needs to check if it is an existing contact to add the B4
to the display?

Just curious as to the reason for the delay and wonder if you or others have noticed this behavior.

Charlie Hoffman


Am I the only one that has logging delays with USA contacts but not other countries?

Dave Garber

delay from qrz lookup, maybe

Dave Garber

On Sat, Mar 7, 2020 at 10:21 AM Charlie Hoffman <hoffmanc@...> wrote:

Am I the only one that has logging delays with USA contacts but not other countries?

Charlie Hoffman

I've turned off all on-line logging so that it only logs to my local log.

I get a substantial delay on USA callsigns but no delay on callsigns from any other country.

Even the VE and XE callsigns have no delay.

What is causing the delay of the logging of USA stations only?
JTAlert is completely frozen during this waiting period and does not even show the "not responding" label.
I click on any menu item and get no response.   It may take up to 2 minutes for it to come back and begin
working again.

My current fix is NOT to work any USA stations.
There has to be a simple cause for this problem.